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7 Pcs Falez Primum Black

7 Pcs Falez Primum Black

7 Pcs Falez Primum Black

The Premium Black Set by Falez gives you the pots you need, with an amazing frying pan.
The nonstick, scratch-resistant ILAG swiss coating makes the premium black color last a lifetime,
and the cleaning has never been easier.
The varying pots of this nonstick cookware set add the secret ingredient to every dish you make.

Set Items:
2.8 Liters Deep Casserole w/ Glass Lid
4.5 Liters Deep Casserole w/ Glass Lid
6.8 Liters Deep Casserole w/ Glass Lid
28 X 05 cm Frying Pan


  • ILAG Swiss Coating
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Non-Stick
  • Tempered Glass Lid
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Even-Heat Distribution


The best cookware I ever owned! The sizes and build material fit my needs perfectly and I dont have a hard time tending to them. They are just perfect! 

Bianca Khachatryan

Never have i seen such quality cookware look this good! They added flair to my kitchen and I now enjoy cooking more than any time before. 

Diana Martin

They are exactly what they say they are. Durable and perfect for cooking. I don’t always believe advertisements and i was skeptical of how good they might be, but i was surprised with the level of quality that these pots have. A Full mark from me.

David Butler

I like the sleek design more than anything. I mean, the cookware itself is perfect but the design. Oh my god. It’s just absolutely stunning, especially the black set. I got it, I used it, and I love it! 

Zain Abbas
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