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Falez Nylon Lemon Squeezer Light Green Color

Falez Nylon Lemon Squeezer Light Green Color

Falez Nylon Lemon Squeezer Light Green Color

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  •  Made with heavy duty die cast aluminum and non toxic lead-free coating, prevents rust or react to citrus juice, it will last a long time.
  • Just rinse this lemon squeezer under running water and done.
  • Comfortable handle grip helps leverage pressure to allow for fast, quick, and effortless squeezing with less force!
  • Clean it by hand in seconds or simply put it in the dishwasher.
  • Great for small limes, large lemons and even small sized oranges, small citrus fruits and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, etc.
  • Testimonials

    The best cookware I ever owned! The sizes and build material fit my needs perfectly and I dont have a hard time tending to them. They are just perfect! 

    Bianca Khachatryan

    Never have i seen such quality cookware look this good! They added flair to my kitchen and I now enjoy cooking more than any time before. 

    Diana Martin

    They are exactly what they say they are. Durable and perfect for cooking. I don’t always believe advertisements and i was skeptical of how good they might be, but i was surprised with the level of quality that these pots have. A Full mark from me.

    David Butler

    I like the sleek design more than anything. I mean, the cookware itself is perfect but the design. Oh my god. It’s just absolutely stunning, especially the black set. I got it, I used it, and I love it! 

    Zain Abbas
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